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Master Key Systems

Standard or Restricted

Master Key systems are excellent for controlling Key Security. We will tailor your master key system to your specific requirements from design to implementation whether its your family home, School, Club or Apartment Building.

  • Master Key – All Doors
  • Staff Key – Common Doors & Back of House Doors
  • Guest Keys – Common Doors & Room
  • Gardener – Gates only
  • Pool Cleaner – Gates & Pool Pump Room
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24Hr / 7 Days a Week Emergency Service

Residential Home

Rekeying and or Keying alike all the locks in your new home or existing home is excellent for your home security and also much more convenient than having a different key for every door, this will also give you the peace of mind in knowing that there’s no chance that old tenants or anyone has keys to your property.

But for very little additional expense, why not incorporate a Gate Key for your Gardener or a guest key that opens the gate and the front door but not the rest of the house?

Commercial Business

Anyone who’s ever had to change their locks when a disgruntled employee leaves without returning their key, knows that this can sometimes be a very costly experience.

At Lock Right, we can design a Master Key System that minimises the locks that need to be changed if this happens, saving your business the inconvenience and expense of changing all employee keys.

We can also incorporate cost effective Access Control Solutions for key doors, to further reduce risk.